Well Howdy there Internet People (for Beau!)

Welcome to my Blog. I have been writing to this blog (in its MANY forms) for over 20 years now… The content has bounced across many servers. I’ve run from my own code. From WordPress and others… Due to the many iterations of the blog, some of the content (most likely embedded graphic references) will 404. If you come across any – please let me know and I’ll see if I can relink them (if they exist).

I keep returning to use WordPress because I’ve found it simply the easiest to use to accomplish what I want, which is a highly customizable blog.

In March of 2022 I have reunited all of my blog posts under one WordPress roof. Huzzah! Due to dealing with idiot web hosts in the past the data wasn’t always in formats that allowed this to happen. But it has finally been sorted out.

Anyway, this is just a place where I bury some of my thoughts.


Our dog. She is a nutter.

Our dog. She is a nutter.



May 23/2022 路 Ok, ok, google has WAY TOO many great fonts. Changed the banner to Rubik Glitch. I did want something thicker so I add a 1px stroke to the text. No pun intended. Also redid the media queries, really the only downside to font hopping.
May 22/2022 路 Yup, decided the header was a bit much. Changed it to just text. The google font is “Pathway Gothic One.”
May 16/2022 路 Changed the header. Not sure about that font. I do like the transparency. It is a bit whacky.
May 14/2022 路 After some hacking attempts – I’ve increased the site security. Not sure why you’d hack someone’s blog. 馃槙
May 13/2022 路 Changed the background image to a smaller size. Still not really filling how I’d like. Hmm.
May 12/2022 路 Hmm, not sure why I haven’t done a site log for my blog. It would have been interesting if had I actually maintained it, as the blog has changed so dramatically over the years. Oh well. I added the Contact page and this log today. The Contact form is using v3 (reCAPTCHA) which passively checks for spam instead of requiring any matching etc. I’ll be curious to see how well it works. Changed the background image to this stunning capture by Andre Furtado. Being North of Toronto – I thought it worked well. Cropped the header image to shorten its height.