Soviet Shame and Blonde Noir

Wonder what Russians would say when a gun isn't pointed at them - Great cartoon by (MICHAEL RAMIREZ/CREATORS)
Wonder what Russians would say when a gun isn’t pointed at them – Great cartoon by (MICHAEL RAMIREZ/CREATORS)

The situation in Ukraine just continues to deteriorate as P*tin keeps pushing his alternate reality. Now he has annexed 1/5 of Ukraine after his sham theatrical referendums by gunpoint. No one has acknowledged the annexation. Not even China, Turkey or North Korea, you know, the political good guys. It is a hail mary by a dictator who is losing control of power and the war. Now he can claim to be protecting ‘Russia’ in the new regions, saying by any means (potentially nuclear) possible. He is a madman and the stakes are now becoming truly disturbing. Propaganda. Propaganda. Propaganda.

Bdot is away AGAIN for dog trials. She is all the way down in Sarnia. So, it was another quiet weekend at home for me and the cats. I watched some sports and a few movies. THFC was brutal and was TFC… currently watching the Bills, who are also getting smacked around. At least the Sabres have been promising, granted it is just preseason. Just chilling today after a grocery run. Wow, ball hockey starts back up next Friday! I’ve been enjoying Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) lately.

Tortured MM.
Tortured MM.

Well… I certainly wasn’t expecting that. What did I just watch? The new Marilyn Monroe film Blonde was an uncomfortable, ugly mess. The film focuses solely on the exploration of the actress by everyone in her life. Blonde just piles on and on, it is so one-sided to the point of losing the audience. Ana de Armas is excellent in the role (which only accentuates the film’s grim take) and some of the cinematography (not any of the bizarro baby shit) was well done but after that, the film is simply not enjoyable. The film portrays Monroe quite negatively IMHO. She is shown as a woman incapable of making a decision (or saying no, always having to be Monroe) or having a relationship with anyone, and ultimately turns to drugs as a saviour. (The abusive marriage from Joe DiMaggio excluded) The film is a difficult slog. I had to stop it a few times just to get through (and it is quite long). One star for Ana and one for select cinematography, the rest is just unpleasant and awkward. By the end, it felt like Ana was just as abused as the blonde she was portraying. I would pass if I were you. ⭐⭐

Wow, Bills had a wild 2nd half and came back to win in the final seconds of the game! 😀

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